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The registered barre teachers association volunteer Advisory Board provides the overall guidance and vision behind the association. The advisory board acts as the body of education and experience that supports RBTA.



With over 30 years of experience in the dance industry as a dance performer and an educator, Valerie provides a wealth of information in all dance related fields. She holds certifications with American Barre Technique as a Certified Barre Coach, Certified Master Barre Instructor, and a Certified Pre and Postnatal Barre Instructor. Her experience has given her the opportunity to successfully open, run, and sell two Dance Apparel stores. She now is an avid fitness professional, Plexus Ambassador, and health consultant who continues to educate hundreds about fitness and wellness.

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Michael Smith, of Newtown, Pennsylvania, is the Vice President of Human Resources at Complete HealthCare Resources and a Founding Partner in the revolutionary health and wellness company, IDLife. He has a twenty-five plus year career in Human Resources with a strong background in employee and labor relations, benefits and compensation, employment and compliance, human resource planning and change management. Mr. Smith is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire and a long-standing member of the Society for Human Resource Management. He is committed to promoting health and wellness through his latest venture and is proud to align with Barre Fitness. Mr. Smith enjoys volunteering as a soccer and basketball coach along with wife, Tonya, for his four daughters' teams."



Suzy is an education scholar. She has 28 years of experience working as an educator for elementary students. She is certified as the Director of School Management and Education for Primary Students. Her love for fitness guided her to manage, coach, and later become the Vice President of a Young Woman's Softball League. She now holds the title of Plexus Ambassador and Health Coach.


Molly has helped hundreds of individuals discover a healthier lifestyle. She has spent years volunteering in the fields of physical education and recreation for multiple organizations. She spent time working with elders at a Veterans Recreational Center, and guided children in an after school activities program. She held the title of After school tutor and educator at the California Teaching Fellows Foundation. Molly is currently studying to earn her degree as a health and medical professional. She is passionate about helping others and is proud to be apart of the RBTA Advisory Board.

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Brandon is a veteran of the United States Marine Core. While he was serving he earned multiple certificates some of which include Black Belt in MACMAP, HRST Master, Combat Marksmanship Coach, Water Survival Advance, and CPR. Brandon believes that fitness education is a vital part of improving and decreasing the obesity rate in the country. He is happy to serve on the Advisory Board for RBTA which promotes fitness education. Brandon is currently studying to become apart of the Police Force and is proud to continue to serve his country.

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